Diesel loco Class 68 Brutus No.68019 Transpennine Express

Article noDapol_2D-022-009
Marque, NoDapol 2D-022-009
CatégorieLocos et wagons
Comp. ferroviaireGroßbritannien
Conditionmatériel neuf

Ce modèle est épuisé.

The Class 68 is a brand new diesel-electric Bo-Bo locomotive commissioned by DRS for intermodal and passenger use. The design is based on the Vossloh Eurolight, with 4 axles and a 3800HP diesel engine and is to be built at the Vossloh plant in Spain. Initially, DRS initially ordered fifteen locomotives with the first to be operational early in 2014. The locomotive is capable of 100mph and has a state of the art adhesion control system which ensures high utilisation of available traction power. Further Locomotives have now been added to the UK fleet bringing the total to 25 and a further 9 on order. Stadler are now assembling the Class 68, alongside the Class 88.

equipped with:
- flywheel
- Finescale wheels
- Smooth running 5 pole next generation motor
- UK headlight change
- Next-18 decoder socket
- self-centring close coupling mechanism
- NEM coupler pockets
- standard-N-couplers

Ce modèle n'est pas un jouet. Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 14 ans.
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