Electric Locomotive Type EH500

Article noKato_3037-1
Marque, NoKato 3037-1
CatégorieLocos et wagons
Comp. ferroviaireJapan
Conditionmatériel neuf

Ce modèle est épuisé.

- 3 next form of EH500 that are Bei increase from 2002 (2002), the GPS antenna
And is mounted, some changes have been made. EH500 is a tandem ever
Increase Bei continued to replace and ED75 · ED79, and EF65 which had been active
- The adoption of flywheel power unit, the driving performance and smooth powerful
- The faithful reproduction of the actual vehicle specifications of the vehicle body 2 consolidated and 8-axis drive.
- I express accurately the beautiful coloring-a virile body, heavy truck around.
- Beautiful and represent the body and notation [Kintaro] logo.
- Adopt to the headlight high brightness white LED.

Ce modèle n'est pas un jouet. Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 14 ans.
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