Shimmns 708 Transwaggon telescopic hood wagon

Article noMU_30007-A
Marque, NoModellbahn Union 30007-A
CatégorieLocos et wagons
Comp. ferroviaireprivat
Conditionmatériel neuf

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The model is equipped with movable hood, NEM-coupler pockets and close coupling system, blackened wheels, prototypically printing and details and numerous factory-attached detail parts.

The telescopic hood wagon Shimmns 708 is being used for transporting steel coils. The wagon runs throughout Europe and can also be moved by railway ferry. Loading of the coils is being done by moving the hood parts. The wagon has been developed in the 1970s, and was produced in several editions. The cars are still in use today. Most cars were produced in the typical freight wagon brown livery, a lot of cars still show this colour today.
Ce modèle n'est pas un jouet. Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 14 ans. - MU 30007-A: Shimmns-u 708 Teleskophaubenwagen Transwaggon. 1:160&status= share.php?p=facebook&u= - MU 30007-A: Shimmns-u 708 Teleskophaubenwagen Transwaggon. 1:160